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          What matters must be paid attention to after CNC machine tool processing?
          Time:2022-11-09 19:52:06      Click:35

          NC machine tool processing refers to a mechanical equipment processing method that carries out part processing on the NC machine tool and uses electronic information to manipulate parts and tool offset. It is an important way to deal with the difficult problems such as variety of parts, large batch, small size, complex appearance, high precision, and to complete efficient and automatic technology processing.

          In general, the processing procedures of CNC machine tools are consistent with those of traditional machine tools. However, since the machining center is clamped once, and all milling processes are conducted continuously and automatically, some matters must be paid attention to after the processing of CNC machine tools.

          Common problems after processing:

          1. Eliminate the domestic cutting and scrubbing machine tools of CNC machine tools, and keep the machine tools clean with the natural environment.

          2. Pay attention to check or replace the oil wipe plate on the damaged machine tool slide rail.

          3. Check the condition of lubricating grease and refrigerant for the assembly of CNC machine tools, and add or replace them immediately.

          4. Turn off the switch power supply and the main switch power supply on the actual operation control panel of the machine tool successively.

          5. The machine tool shall be started according to the standards of first returning to zero (except for special requirements), manual mode, starting and full automatic mode. The operation of the machine tool shall follow the standard of low speed, medium speed and then fast speed. The operation time at low speed and medium speed shall not be less than 2-3 minutes. After confirming that there is no abnormal phenomenon, the work can be started.

          6. It is prohibited to knock, correct and adjust the workpiece on the hydraulic chuck. The next step can only be carried out after the workpiece and tool are clamped.

          7. The operator needs to turn off the machine when removing or changing tools, workpieces, adjusting workpieces or leaving the machine tool.

          8. The safety and security safety device on the machine tool shall not be disassembled and moved by the operator at will.

          9. Before the gradual processing of the machine tool, it is necessary to use the system verification method to check whether the system is similar to the parts to be processed. After confirming that there is no problem, you can make a safety cover and start the machine tool to process the parts.

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