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          What are the common NC lathe processing problems
          Time:2022-11-09 19:59:19      Click:36

          CNC lathe processing is a kind of high precision, high efficiency automation technology CNC lathe, which uses electronic information to manipulate parts and tool offset mechanical equipment processing mode. Because CNC lathe processing is a clamping process, and continuous full automatic processing is used for all milling, the following matters should be paid attention to during CNC lathe processing.

          Pay attention to the cutting usage:

          Three elements of NC lathe machining and cutting standard: NC machine tool principle Cutting speed, tool feed rate and cutting depth will immediately cause tool damage. With the increase of cutting speed, the temperature of the sharp knife will rise, causing damage to mechanical equipment, organic chemistry and physics. If the cutting speed is increased by 20%, the tool life will be reduced by 1/2. The damage of cutting tool damage caused by cutting speed is lower than that caused by cutting speed. However, when the cutting speed is high and the cutting temperature rises, the tool damage is great. The deep cutting layer does not do as much harm to the tool as the cutting speed and cutting speed. However, when cutting in a small deep cutting layer, a hard bottom layer will be formed on the raw materials to be cut, which will also endanger the service life of the functional tools of CNC machine tools.

          Pay attention to the selection of tools:

          1. During rough turning, the cutting tool with high compressive strength and good durability shall be selected to meet the requirements of large back cutting amount and large cutting amount during rough turning in the NC machine tool tutorial.

          2. When boring, tools with high precision and good durability shall be selected to ensure the requirements of machining precision.

          3. In order to better reduce the tool change time of CNC lathe processing and facilitate tool setting, machine tool clamping and machine tool clamping head should be selected as far as possible.

          Pay attention to the selection of fixtures:

          1. The general fixture shall be used to clamp the product workpiece as much as possible to prevent the application of special fixture.

          2. The accurate positioning standard of parts processed by CNC lathe overlaps, reducing the accurate positioning deviation.

          Pay attention to the definition of processing lines:

          Processing line refers to the path and orientation of tool relativity to parts in the whole process of NC lathe processing. It shall be able to ensure the requirements of processing precision and surface roughness; The machining line shall be minimized to reduce the high speed time of the tool.

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