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          How to correctly apply spare parts in CNC lathe processing?
          Time:2022-11-09 19:53:36      Click:33

          In order to achieve the ideal application standard, the freezing liquid or the cutter head with good rigidity should be used in the NC lathe processing. How to choose the parts for CNC lathe processing? Now let's master:

          1. Tools:

          Tools with high compressive strength and good wear resistance shall be selected to meet the requirements of large amount of back cutting and cutting during the whole process of finishing turning; When boring with professional CNC machine tools, tools with high accuracy and good wear resistance shall be selected to ensure the requirements of machining accuracy; In order to better reduce the tool change time and facilitate tool setting, machine tool clamping and machine tool clamping should be selected as far as possible.

          2. Fixture:

          The general fixture shall be used to clamp the product workpiece as much as possible to prevent the application of special fixture; The standard overlap of accurate positioning of parts reduces the deviation of accurate positioning.

          3. The NC machine tool data defines the processing route:

          It shall be able to ensure the machining accuracy and surface roughness; The machining line shall be minimized to reduce the high speed time of the tool.

          4. Correlation between processing line and processing capacity:

          At this stage, under the condition that the processing technology of CNC lathe is not popularized, the unnecessary capacity on the rough embryo, especially the capacity with forged and forged dead skin, should be allocated to the CNC lathe for processing, and attention must be paid to the flexible allocation of the specification and program flow of the CNC machine tool.

          5. Key points for fixture installation:

          At this stage, the connection between the three jaw chuck and the clamping cylinder of the hydraulic press is completed according to the support rod. The clamping point of the three jaw chuck is: first, remove the screw cap on the hydraulic system according to the fixed support, remove the traction belt tube, pull out the traction belt tube from the back of the main shaft bearing, and then remove the fixed screws of the hydraulic chuck according to the fixed support, so that the hydraulic chuck can be removed.

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